Thursday, August 2, 2012

Water Strider Robot

       Expert robotic engineers and scientists in China are focused on development of a new aquatic robot which have amazing water-walking abilities of water strider. As we know, water strider is the long-legged insect that can walk on the surface of water, usually found on river, lakes and other waterways. This advanced tiny aquatic micro robot devices based on the water strider with the hope of developing bionic robots that can monitor water quality on a lake, check the water supplies, do some scientist experiment, conduct military spy missions when equipped with a camera, and perform other tasks that human cant do.

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       This bio inspired micro robot capable of not just walking on water like the water strider, but also able to jumping up and down like a real water strider. Scientists reported a number of advances toward this tiny robot, which are can walk on water surface, jump on the water surface, move to avoid any obstacle, dive to 20 m underwater, and move against the waterflow. However, even the most advanced designs, it can’t dive into deep , jumping range is very short, and the power of movement is so slow. 

     Engineers notes that real water striders actually leap. Making a powerful jumping robot is difficult because the down ward force needed to propel it into the air usually pushes the legs through the water's surface. This advanced micro robot use super water-repellant nickel foam technology to fabricate the three supporting and two jumping legs, the group made a robot that could leap more than 5.5 inches, despite weighing as much as 1,100 water striders. In experiments, the robot could jump nearly 14 inches forward, more than twice its own length, and could leaving the water at speed about 3.6 miles per hour.
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